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Services and Pricing

Prices are subject to change based on availability and proximity to deadline.

Proofreading - $0.015/word - Proofreading involves correcting grammatical and spelling errors only. Your sentence structure and content will remain as-is during the editing process. Great for school papers, ad copy, and technical documents.

Line Editing - $0.025/word - Line editing includes proofreading as well as smoothing out sentence structure and phrasing. Content will remain unchanged, and some specific wording may be re-written to offer alternate suggestions. Documents will also be edited for clarity, and information that is ambiguous or unclear will be pointed out. Useful for long fiction, short fiction, and schoolwork.

Developmental Editing - $0.035/word -  Developmental editing includes proofreading and line editing, along with comments and questions on content. This is most useful for early drafts of long and short fiction, or to be done on an ongoing basis while writing your novel. Critiques will be offered on plot and character development, and suggestions may be made. For non-fiction, developmental editing offers more detailed analysis of content to ensure that your ideas come through as you intend.

Story Consulting – $30/hour

Developmental editing for stories or parts of stories that have not been written. Having trouble developing an idea into a plot? Stuck with writer’s block in the middle of the tale? Need to pare down for a second draft? I will discuss your work with you to brainstorm, offer critiques, make suggestions, and assist in decisions. I will also help create outlines, write cover blurbs, or anything else that benefits from a real-time back-and-forth between the writer and editor. $25 per hour of phone call, Skype chat, GMail chat, or similar. Calls must be scheduled with at least two days’ notice.

For ongoing projects or services not listed here, please e-mail for inquiries.

Services and Pricing: About
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